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Embrace Values and Standards Kenya

Helping organisations to achieve their potential
Supporting the Constitution to benefit citizens, strengthen institutions
and build trust across Kenyan society


Introducing Embrace

Embrace is a consultancy focused on organisational change in all sectors of the economy and society.
Its specialist themes include organisational excellence, business improvement, equity, equality, ethics, and values. Its techical expertise includes programme delivery, project management, ICT, and learning frameworks. Learn more...


News - LRF and Embrace MoU

Embrace is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Legal Resource Foundation (LRF) in Nairobi this week. This important step forms the basis for a partnership to develop holistic participatory interventions with specific regard to Article 10 of the Constitution for uptake in the institutional legal environment with emphasis on the anti-corruption agenda.

Appreciating the relationship between ethics, national values, justice and the law this partnership will also address the culture of law and how the role of National Values can be established and applied within the legal infrastructure.

We look forward to a successful and rewarding association with LRF; providing meaningful interventions to assist the legal profession embed national values in their programmes and structures. 


Embrace Timeline

Embrace has been active in Kenya since 2012 in various forms, leading to the formation of Embrace Values and Standards as a non-for profit limited company registered in Kenya.

2020 MoU between Legal Resource Foundation and Embrace VSK
2019 Consultative meeting on the Kenya National Values Standard, at Kenya School of Government
2019 Extended MoU between Directorate of National Cohesion and Values and Embrace
2017 Workshop on a standard for National Values, Naivasha
2016 Kenya National Values Standard Concept Paper adopted by Directorate of Cohesion and National Values
2015 Colloquium on national values, Derbyshire, UK
2014 Conference on a National Equality Standard for county government
2014 Tripartite MoU between NCIC, Transition Authority, and Embrace
2013 MoU between National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and Embrace

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