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The Embrace Team

Kinuthia brings a remarkable wealth of knowledge and experience to Embrace, applying his great wisdom to its activities. He has major achievements and wide practical experience in local government, law and devolution. A sought-after consultant and speaker, he is visiting lecturer to many government institutions and keynote presenter on leadership and governance at public and private sector events. 

The former Chairperson of the Transition Authority, Kinuthia steered the organisation to successfully transition to the devolved system of  governance in Kenya, creating 47 counties, serving over 40 million people. 

Kinuthia Wamwangi, EBS
Chairperson Embrace International

Chryspin leads the Embrace team in Kenya drawing on his extensive experience with the public, private and civil society sectors and development partners in different consultancy roles in public policy, leadership and governance programmes.

He has substantial expertise in Social Research, Project Planning and Management, Knowledge Management, Outcome Mapping and Logical and Result Frameworks which qualifies him to match the Embrace ethics, equality and values mainstreaming and change management portfolio to the needs and expectations of our clients and partners.   

Chryspin Afifu  
Chief Operating Officer

Phil is CEO of Embrace, architect of our vision and technical lead in the design and development of programmes, solutions and processes.

Through his work with specialists in the fields of equity and equality programmes, he believes that successful change lies in the combination of technical disciplines and an organisational culture based on values, ethics, respect and trust.  These principles are embedded in the Embrace approach to organisational development and change.   

Phil Batchelor 
CEO, Embrace VSK

Janet is the key spokesperson and media contact for Embrace.  Her commitment to equality includes development of a Standard to embed good practice in the workplace.  She founded Embrace in 2012, in response to requests from government for advice and support on equality standards for Kenya.  

Janet Mitton
Global Communications Director

John brings to Embrace a wealth of experience of delivering successful major projects in Africa, Asia, and the UK.  He has valuable first-hand knowledge of the challenges associated with large scale change programmes and the techniques and strategies to overcome them.

John Tipping 
Programme Consultant

Shane provides Embrace with expertise in the fields of security, compliance and confidentiality ensuring our programmes are delivered in accordance with the principles of good governance. 

He is a leading Information Governance and Information Security expert with extensive public sector experience. His expertise in compliance, allied to wide-ranging experience in service management, contract management, and procurement ensures that Embrace is able to provide effective services and solutions which incorporate high standards of information management and security.

Shane Murphy 
Information Governance, Compliance and Security