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EVSL in Kenya 


All sectors of the economy have a critical role in assisting the nation to achieve its aspirations by putting values and ethics alongside the citizen at the focus of their thinking


Private Sector 

The Private Sector in Kenya is the dynamo and primary driver of the economy; it creates wealth and employment opportunities. It is central to achieving the objectives of Kenya’s Vision 2030. The health of the economy and benefits to citizens are directly connected to the health of the private sector.

However, there are recurring challenges which impede the private sector in reaching its full potential, including frequent widespread incidences of endemic corruption. Mindful of this threat and in support of the government’s anti-corruption agenda, Embrace offers Business Ethics and Values Schemes and Standards for all sizes of enterprises.

Through our range of dedicated programmes, we promote and embed organisational core values, ethical conduct and practices, compliance with the law pertaining to ethics and values, observance of the Constitution, and the implementation of good corporate governance. Our schemes for private sector organisations drive an ethics-led business community.

In confronting global challenges, especially the impact and effects of Covid-19, public and private organisations need to be more resilient to deliver better social outcomes. Organisations that practice enhanced CSR policies drive better business and higher financial performance than lower performers.

Embrace, UNGC and Covid-19
Embrace have assimilated the work of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) especially in addressing the impact and effects of Covid-19. Both public and private organisations need to be more resilient to deliver better social outcomes.  Read more on Embrace and UNGC



The aim of our programmes with CSO’s is to deliver a framework based on ethics and values that fosters national unity, inculcates patriotism, redresses marginalisation and promotes an accountable and democratic Kenyan society. A framework that helps to create a fairer, more sharing culture and provides hope and confidence for the future, building greater trust and increased confidence in government at all levels.

Civil Society in Kenya plays a very important role in many significant areas. It represents the will and the interests of citizens in ethical, cultural, political, scientific, religious and philanthropic issues, and it supports public participation and engagement by Kenyan Citizens on existing and emerging issues regarding [but not limited to] the Kenyan Constitution.

Embrace partners with a wide range of civil society organisations (CSOs) on the themes of values and ethics from inception, planning, fundraising and implementation to impact measurement. We work in partnership with like-minded CSOs who play a role in:

  • Providing social accountability, audit and transparency
  • Promoting good governance and democratic leadership
  • Providing citizen-orientated data on national progress or stagnation
  • Advocating for policies and laws to change the system, and build coalitions for change
  • Promoting constitutionalism and the rule of law
  • Acting as watchdogs of human rights
  • Research on SDGs
  • Promoting gender equality and women empowerment (GEWE)



Embrace partners with the public sector to build capacity and embed ethics and values practice in systems and processes to promote and maintain the highest levels of integrity, impartiality, accountability and leadership across the arms of government.

Embrace programmes for engagement with public sector organisations have been envisioned to mainstream ethics and national values through models of best practice which will enhance effectiveness, efficiency and good governance, leading to enhanced public perception of public service integrity. 

The public sector in Kenya incorporates the national and county governments, and ministries, commissions, departments and agencies (MCDAs). The sector operates within three distinct and interdependent arms: the executive, legislature and judiciary.

The sector plays a big role in setting the main government agenda, achieving national economic development, the wellbeing of citizens and social protection. It carries and diffuses the values of the nation and facilitates bonding between the state and citizens.