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EVSL in Kenya 

EVSL activity in Kenya

In Context

EVSL, through Embrace International Ltd, (a UK registered company) has worked with the government of Kenya since 2012. Embrace International Ltd is the author of the Kenya National Values Standard (KNVS).

A pioneer in national values consulting, EVSL is an authority on ethics, national values and principles of governance.

Our schemes embed the provisions of Article 10 of the Constitution into organisational practice, measure and monitor change, and establish and demonstrate the significant business benefits to be achieved from being an ethical and values-led organisation. This is a unique process, which enables organisations to be actively and visibly aligned with the Constitution.

We believe that organisations that combine good leadership with ethics and integrity become stronger, more successful and contribute more fully to the nation and society.

Our Commitment

The primacy of the Constitution is unquestionable; it is the cornerstone of every aspect of Kenyan life. EVSL commits to supporting Article 10 of the Constitution by encouraging organisations to make positive, measurable change in areas of business ethics and values.

We are committed in our work to Kenya’s social cohesion, unity and democracy, and recognise and value the diversity of its people. Key strands reflected in all our citizen-centric interventions include gender, ethnicity and race, youth, faith, macro and micro inequalities.

We commit to assist and support organisations to eliminate unfair, unequal and corrupt practices. Visible, demonstrable, and evidenced commitment to the Kenyan constitution positions an organisation as being morally and ethically centred in the community and society.