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EVSL in Kenya 

Embrace and Its Services

Introducing Embrace and its services

Embrace is a consultancy focused on organisational change in all sectors of the economy and society. Its specialist themes include organisational excellence, business improvement, equity, equality, ethics, and values.  Its techical expertise includes programme delivery, project management, ICT, and learning frameworks.

The importance of values
Central to our thinking is recognition  of values and ethics as a key component of sustained excellence and achievement, important differentiators of the most successful organisations.

We have extensive experience in designing and delivering interventions that advance and accelerate the practice of ethics and values, and develop the competencies and confidence to inspire, nurture and embed a fair, ethical, corruption-free workplace environment: these attributes are intrinsic to success.

Our consultancy capabilities are relevant to civil society, public and private sector organisations. Our wide range of specialities and insight into key issues including ethics, values and standards, corporate governance, gender mainstreaming, equity and equality enable us to devise effective responses to diverse challenges.

Unique Approach
We have a unique approach centred on excellence, ethics and values. This delivers organisational enhancement and even transformation through structured process change allied to a concerted programme of workplace cultural development built around the unifying core of ethics, values, and integrity, anchored in the Constitution of Kenya.  

Organisations that follow the Embrace approach identify themselves as being actively ethical and committed 'good citizens' of Kenya, enhancing the organisation’s reputation through organisational change initiatives which have an explicit and demonstrable moral centre.

We tailor programmes and interventions to meet institutional/organisational needs, sectoral priorities, and local and national interests. Embrace recognises that effective institutional policies and programmes are fundamental to good governance, management, compliance, and a healthy organisational culture.
Our programmes mainstream ethics and values, embedding them into operational processes and procedures. The model develops a committed workforce imbued with the conviction that the organisation it works for is driven by high standards.
This is a path for organisations with clear vision and sense of purpose under the direction of good leadership.

Corporate Excellence Blueprint
We have developed a unique corporate excellence blueprint, applicable to civil society, public and private sector organisations in Kenya. Its central focus is organisational change; integrating our diverse range of change management and technical skills with our specialist ethics, equity and equality expertise. 
In creating our corporate excellence model, we have uniquely combined organisational transformation, business process change, and workplace culture around the unifying core of ethics, values, and integrity, established by the Constitution, and this lies at the heart of the Embrace suite of programmes.

To deliver corporate excellence we provide consultancy, training, and operational support across the key aspects of organisational effectiveness from health-checks to long-term capacity building programmes
We have a flexible inclusive approach to meeting clients’ needs. Our team is equipped to work at all levels, departments and in all aspects of the organisation, including the C-Suite and Board in the areas of leadership and corporate governance, having held senior positions and worked at 'the sharp end'. To achieve successful transformation everyone in the organisation needs to participate in the change programme.
Our innovative and scalable programmes are designed to embed ethics and values in organisations and institutions of all types and sizes, ranging from SMEs, large organisations and corporates to CBO consortia, governmental MDAs, and Business Membership Organisations (BMOs).
Our interventions include:
the development of ethics and values schemes to embed good practice, with recognition and reward for individuals and external visibility of achievement for organisations
executive coaching to assist senior leaders to deal with ethics and values challenges, and drive change within the organisation
learning frameworks including e-learning packages to cascade organisational priorities and objectives
As the organisation mainstreams ethics and values and evidences its commitment through a reduction in unfair, unequal and corrupt practices, the result is an engaged, dedicated workforce.

Embrace Consultancy Themes
Strategic Direction
Embrace has many years’ experience in meeting diverse business challenges. We are conversant with established methodologies and proven standards, and able to adapt and adopt the most suitable frameworks to meet the needs of clients.
We define, organise, manage and deliver projects that are standalone, or part of a wider programme for organisations.
Our approach integrates our thinking on managing and delivering change and innovation, with respect and sensitivity to the needs of stakeholders.
In this way, we seek to combine technical excellence and innovation with a human touch.
Working in partnership
We assist the client organisation with the development of:
• Institutional policies and programmes to extract the maximum benefit from investment in organisational change and new processes, systems, and solutions
• Business analysis and solutions to provide operational metrics to support the 'production' processes at the heart of the organisation, and data to support innovation and improvement
• Business intelligence and analytics to enable senior management to make informed strategy and policy decisions
• Research and Analysis to advise, design, and deliver evidence and data driven programmes
• Effective and robust policies and procedures in place resulting in a lean, dynamic efficient and effective organisation with good governance and management, compliance and a healthy organisational culture.

Organizational Enhancement Pathway
As part of the process of organisational enhancement, we use equity and equality schemes tailored to organisational needs, which include standards, codes of conduct and benchmarks. These play key roles in improving performance, defining and implementing best practice and establishing objective measures of achievement to enhance the business.
Embrace works with organisations to analyse their current equity and equality practices and devise appropriate interventions to improve fairness and inclusivity in the workplace. Our extensive knowledge of good working equity and equality practice empowers us to deliver the best-targeted approach needed by individual organisations. We use our tools, metrics and frameworks to deliver transformation.
Technical excellence
Our aim is to help organisations be recognised as ethical and values-led leaders in their sectors and the wider community and appreciated by their workforce as a company driven by high standards.
Embrace has a strong technical capacity across the ICT disciplines from technical infrastructure to solution implementation and operation. We contribute ICT and business systems which are robust, secure, sustainable, resilient and deliver appropriate solutions to mee to the client's  needs.
Communication, Education and Training
Our focus on organisational culture, particularly around values, ethics and integrity has underscored the importance of structured, systematic and sustained communication, education and training.
We implement the framework, tools resources and processes that we have devised which are capable of supporting requirements ranging from general awareness- raising, to long-term capacity building, cultural development and organisational transformation programmes.
We aim to help develop a better-informed and engaged workforce, supporting and appreciating company policy and ethos in the journey to becoming an ethical and values led organisation.
We undertake the above through a wide range of interventions, responsive to client’s needs. This can be through e-learning and in–house training, provision of learning material, handouts, brochures and reports, coaching, video and face-to-face workshops, seminars and conferences, in both a formal and informal settings.