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EVSL in Kenya 

Expertise and Services

Services applying our rich and diverse expertise

Organisational Change Programmes

Organisational change has been the long-term focus of the Embrace team. Integrating our diverse range of change management and technical skills with our specialist ethics, equity and equality expertise we have developed a unique blueprint designed specfically for Kenya.

We uniquely combine organisational transformation, business process change, and workplace culture around the unifying core of ethics, values, and integrity established by the Constitution. Organisations which follow our approach can define themselves as being actively committed 'good citizens' of Kenya. This not only enhances the reputation of the organisation, but provides a unifying influence for its workforce and stakeholders, building goodwill, commitment and engagement with organisational change initiatives.

Business transformation, innovation, and new business processes are enhanced, risks reduced, and benefits realised more effectively and more quickly by a committed workforce open to change and with the conviction that their organisation is driven by high standards. 

Leadership, Governance, Ethics and Compliance

Our experience and expertise enables us to provide consultancy, training, and operational support across these key aspects of organisational effectiveness from health-checks to long-term capacity building programmes. Our team is equipped to work with the highest levels of the organisation in the  C-Suite and Board having held senior positions and worked at 'the sharp end'.  

Formative and empirical research

A core principle of our work is objectivity, and a key element in this approach is a solid foundation of reliable data. We have extensive experience in research, including the definition, organisation, management and delivery of projects whther they are standalone or part of wider programmes. 

It is our standard practice to baseline activities to enable effective monitoring and objective analysis of results and outcomes.

Communication Education and Training programmes

Our focus on organisational culture, particularly around values, ethics and integrity has established the importance of structured, systematic and sustained  communication, education and training.  We have devised and established a process, framework, tools and resources for this work, capable of supporting requirements ranging from general awareness-raising, to long-term capacity building, cultural development and organisational transformation programmes. 

Conference and workshop facilitation

Our experience in these areas is able to support events whether they are part of programmes, projects or standalone across the entire life-cycle.  We have worked at all levels of engagement and with diverse participants to ensure a positive experience while maximising the value and benefit of the event.

Data gathering, surveys and intervention impact evaluations

We have the experience, methodology and tools to design, develop, test and deliver this work using a range of proven techniques.  We recognise that it is essential to have a dispassionate and objective approach to change.  Positive interventions require defined success criteria to enable under-performance to be addressed, and operational gains consolidated and expanded. 

Performance indicators and metrics

The centrality of objective measurement to our work, as an essential aspect of organisational and cultural change, has given Embrace a strong focus on performance indicators (PIs) and metrics.  

Standards, codes of conduct and benchmarks

Standards, codes of conduct and benchmarks have key roles to play in improvements in performance, defining and implementing best practice, and establishing objectives measures of achievement.

Embrace can develop, integrate and disseminate the range of concepts, tools, metrics and frameworks which can provide the comprehensive 'stack' for improvement and transformation at all levels.

Equity and equality schemes

Often the responsibility of HR, Embrace works with organisations to analyse their current equity and equality practices and devise schemes to improve fairness and inclusiveness in the workplace. Our extensive knowledge of good working equity and equality practice empowers us to deliver the best-targeted approach needed by each organisation.

Institutional policies and programmes

Embrace understands that institutional policies and programmes are fundamental to good governance, management, compliance, and a healthy organisational culture. They can include guidelines, protocols and standards. Throughout our client interactions, we are mindful of the need to ensure that the healthy organisation has effective and robust arrangements in place.

Corporate Governance

Embrace incorporates the core principles of good corporate governance; fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency, in all its programmes.

Empirical evidence suggests that organisations which apply the core principles of good corporate governance usually outperform other companies and are able to attract investors, whose support can help to finance further growth.

Research management, coordination and delivery

The Embrace team has a wide range of experience in managing research whether as a key workstream of major programmes or standalone exercises. This experience enables us to advise, design, and deliver research programmes.

ICT and business systems

Embrace has a strong technical capacity across the ICT disciplines from technical infrastructure to solution implementation and operation.  Robust, secure, sustainable, resilient and appropriate solutions are at the centre of our thinking when looking at change and new approaches.  

Business analysis, solution design, development and systems implementation

Embrace has many years experience of meeting diverse business challenges.  We are conversant with established methodologies and proven standards, and able to adapt and adopt the most suitable frameworks to meet the needs of clients.  Our approach integrates our thinking on managing and delivering change and innovation, with respect and sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders. In this way we seek to combine technical excellence and innovation with a human touch.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

The team has the experience to extract the maximum benefits from investment in organisational change and new processes, systems, and solutions.  We can provide operational metrics to support the 'production' processes at the heart of the organisation, data to support innovation and improvement, and the analysis to enable senior management to make informed strategy and policy decisions.