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EVSL in Kenya 

Experience and expertise

Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise

 Experience, skills and expertise

The Embrace team comprises specialist consultants with extensive experience and a wide range of skills and expertise.

· The team has worked at international. national and local level on cohesion, inclusion and equality strategy and policy development with the UK government, and with the government of Kenya on programmes, and schemes, and designed and developed the Kenya National Values Standard.

· Engagement with stakeholders is central to our approach to the development of policy, strategies and systems. We bring considerable experience in stakeholder engagement through extensive involvement with the UK local and national governments, the Office of the President and statutory commissions in Kenya.

· The team has an extensive background in programme management and project implementation, and has delivered large-scale programmes in the UK.

· The team draws upon diverse research skills and brings understanding of their application in the context of evidence- based policy- making and management. Projects rely on interdisciplinary collaboration, with applied research on business, public and private sector needs in the development of business models and scheme development.

· The core team has worked in international projects and across diverse cultures, and is qualified to embrace the challenges of communication and the transfer of ‘good practice.’

· Embrace combines excellence in policy and management with effective ICT strategies for delivery, using leading edge Information and Communication Technology, with technological solutions that can be applied in a local context.

· We bring the knowledge and experience in ICT development that can build bespoke systems to work within the context of Kenya, creating an infrastructure that can support the framework and schemes and provide tools that can be applied in a local context

Programme and project management

Our team are experienced pratitioners in recognised programme and project management methodologies which has delivered many diverse projects successfully in Africa and Europe. 

We have applied that collective knowledge to formulate our own methodology, based on proven techniques, recognised good practice and robust technology for use in Kenya. It enables all stakeholders to collaborate effectively, follow good practice processes easily, and concentrate on delivering a successful outcome.

Learning Frameworks

Embrace has developed learning frameworks, curricula, and content which constitute a valuable resource.

In addition, we have established an integrated process for the development and delivery of learning and communication programmes across multiple media types, teaching styles, delivery channels, and languages. Our approach and supporting information systems provide a definitive, version-controlled repository of content.  Our solution includes a full learning management system which coordinates delivery of complex training programmes with individual and group performance tracking, human resource assignment, and administrative functions including accreditation, awards, and billing.

Performance monitoring, metrics and analysis

As part of its work on the KNVS Embrace have devised and developed a structured approach for the development and operation of performance systems including precise metricsm, performance indictors, the compilation of indices and data analysis. 

Our work on these areas is intended to provide highly relevant, reliable data which can be used at organisation level to track operational performance, ensure compliance, and drive improvements.

This data can be used in peer-group and sector comparisons, the setting of targets and benchmarks, and aggregated for analysis up to county and national levels. Data collection, sharing and analysis is always subject to robust information governance principles and practices consistent with privacy and confidentiality protocols and regulations.

Collaboration platform

The approach to programme and project management has been extended to form a collaboration platform which can be utilised for secure communication and collaboration in diverse contexts. This approach ensures that information can be shared easily and securely. For example it facilitates account management, stakeholder engagement, and compliance with agreeed processes and procedures.