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EVSL in Kenya 

Centre of Excellence

Methods, assets, and systems developed by Embrace have been packaged as a Centre of Excellence 'product'.

Programmes and projects benefit from a managed central hub for research, development, and analysis. These activities involve extensive collaboration, the accumulation of valuable data and resources, and functionally support the design, development, delivery, deployment, and sustainable operation of solutions.  

As programmes and projects move forward their functional requirements evolve and the Centre of Excellence may become the communications focal point for engagement with stakeholders and participants. It can incorporate learning frameworks and training functions, nurture the formation of technical 'communities' of specialists sharing experience and best practice, and the dissemination of information including the publication of reports. 

Our experience in the development of technical, knowledge-based programmes has resulted in a comprehensive integrated model for the Centre of Excellence. This model requires simple initial configuration to become operational, with the flexibility to meet the specific needs of any project.

Key Purpose of the Embrace Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence is intended to facilitate and coordinate key functions:
operate as the resource repository comprising definitive information, tools, and best practice

delivery of learning frameworks, training, and formal evaluation

focal point for collaboration including research, quality assurance, peer review, 'social' participation and stakeholder/community engagement

There is an additional management, coordination, and administration module to provide the operational hub for programme planning and delivery. 


The Centre of Excellence is built upon a technical model which combines flexibility with security and resilience providing a web-based sql relational database for structured data, semi-structured information, and version controlled document and media libraries. Collaboration functions support project activities through messaging, scheduling, task management, calendaring, with workflow coordinating functions and processes.

The security model ensures that access to information is controlled effectively with good information governance practice through auditability, management oversight and clear ownership to ensure quality and compliance. 

Example Case Study: The Embrace Center of Excellence: from concept vision to operations handbook